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gluteal augmentation st. louis

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Voluma Lift


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All You Need to Know About the Voluma Lift

      The Voluma Lift is a procedure designed to bring back your youthful beauty, vitality and attractiveness through the volumetric replacement of soft tissue lost with the process of aging.This procedure is designed to restore and maintain your youthful appearance. It is safe, effective and a non-surgical alternative procedure to plastic surgery approach to facial regeneration. It is performed in our office, and as the name itself implies it produces a "rested" and "lifted" look.


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Your Enhanced Look

Our Voluma Lift patients are thrilled to regain a firm, wrinkle reduced look and many enjoy enhanced self confidence as well. Imagine being free from the loss of volume and regaining your youthful face. Visit Hart Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgical Institute of St. Louis to learn more about how a Facelift can improve your appearance, comfort, and self image.


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Voluma Lift- 30 Minute Facelift

 Voluma Lift is a facial volumetric restoring technique pioneered by Dr. Steven Mulholland of Toronto, Canada who personally taught Dr. Hart his skills and knowledge of this procedure. The Voluma Lift procedure restores the three dimensional structure of the soft tissue fat pads of the facial structures without surgery or the associated down time of a outpatient surgical facelift. The results are amazing as the procedures restores and fills the loss of the youthful appearance of the skin and "fullness of youth." To achieve this "lifted appearance", the procedure involves the use of physiological amounts of natural injectable gel product such as Restylane®, Juvederm®, Radiesse®, or Perlane®. The filler is then injected into the specific fat buttress regions of the face.

What results might I expect?

It is reasonable to expect a pleasing, natural restoration of the volume shapes and curves defined as youthful and attractive without the costs and down time associated with surgery. A youthful face has a series of attractive convexities and corresponding concavities, fullness of the brows, cheeks and jaw line that we define as attractive. The youthful and attractive face is supported by deep buttresses of fat that lift and support the overlying skin and soft tissue, lending the contours of youth and beauty. This procedure is a simple and natural way to obtain these desired results as an outpatient in a medical office setting.

How long will my Voluma Lift last?

The duration of your injectable lift effect will vary depending upon the product used. With the newer products available, you can expect the effects to last from one to two years. The decision on the fillers used is typically done during the consultation with Dr. Hart. This procedure will require regular "maintenance" to maintain the natural youthful appearance you desire. Of course, we always recommend the use of regular use of skin care products like the Obagi® skin care line our office is proud to be affiliated with to maintain the health of your skin.

Can I combine my Voluma Lift with other procedures?

Yes, the Voluma Lift goes well with facial photo rejuvenation, Botox®, Fractora, and intradermal line fillers. Depending upon your expectations and financial limitations, Dr. Hart and you may elect to combine several of the minimally invasive procedures together for best results.

Is the Voluma Lift painful?

The procedure is very tolerable because our office specializes in using a specially compounded topical analgesia cream by Dr. Hart. The skin is frozen with topical medical products and oral nerve blocks anesthesia prior to the procedure. The anesthesia we use for this procedure provides a relatively pain free experience for our patients. Another important reason this procedure is tolerated well is the injectable gel used during a Voluma Lift is deposited along the facial bones and fat pads in the face where pain fibers are primarily absent. Of interest, it is important to point out injectable fillers are typically much more painful when injected into superficial lines of the face than when they are used deeply to contour and shape the face with this procedure. There is virtually no pain after the Voluma Lift is completed and you may elect to go back to work.

Recovery Time

There is an unpredictable degree of bruising (everyone is different). Most patients go to work that same day with camouflage mineral makeup that is applied immediately after the procedure. It is very important to discontinue any medically unnecessary aspirin, NSAIDS and blood thinners prior to the procedure with a physician approval.

Safety and Complications

The Voluma Lift is very safe and tolerable. It is reasonable to expect that you will experience some bruising, swelling, and asymmetry (which is correctable) immediately after the procedure. There is a very remote chance of allergic reaction or infection. The injectable material immediately after the procedure might cause lumpiness and irregularities but typically resolves over a period of a couple of weeks.


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Voluma lift- The nonsurgical facelift

Voluma lift - a natural, beauty lift, instantly. You will love the new rested look which enhances the lifted look!

No - your mirror is not lying! And you’re not alone – it happens to all of us! Aging is inevitable and along with it comes those awful signs that show up in our face as crows feet, frown lines, worry lines, deep furrows and folds. We begin to notice them around the eyes, under the eyes, around the nose and upper lip – not to mention those furrows around the mouth. Our cheeks gradually begin to look hollow as we lose facial volume due to the breakdown of the facial support structure (called collagen and elastin). We notice a deflated look as everything begins to descend. That means our eyebrows begin to fall and our eyes don’t appear as wide open anymore while our jaw lines begin to sag – and not forgetting our once full, beautiful cheeks and lips that are now getting flatter (deflated) and causing us to always look tired.

This is so very different from the youthful appearance we enjoyed for many years.

Notice the contrasts mentioned below:

Youthful Face

  • No permanent lines or wrinkles

  • Only expression wrinkles are visible (when in motion)

  • Vibrant, clear skin

  • Bright eyes, without excess skin

  • Full uplifted cheeks

  • Tight skin

  • Full lips, without wrinkles

  • Tight, firm jawline

Aging Face

  • Brow wrinkles

  • Deep wrinkles between eyes

  • Crow's feet (wrinkles around eyes)

  • Under Eye Bags

  • Lower eyelid bags

  • Lower eyelid sunken or hollow

  • Sunken/Hollow Cheeks

  • Nasolabial folds (deep lines from nose to jowl)

  • Lines around mouth

  • Flat, skinny lips

  • Jowls or sagging skin around lower face

Voluma Lift is a safe and effective new technique in non-surgical face lifting that can restore the youthfulness that age has stolen.You can replace that always tired look for a rested look along with a beautiful, fully contoured, instantaneous facelift without surgery.

This 30 minute injectable facelift is truly amazing because it works!


Voluma Lift is not like traditional facelift surgery which often results in a taut or gaunt appearance. Rather, Voluma lift restores youthfulness immediately by replacing the volume that has been lost over time. Once this volume is replaced – you, once again, enjoy a soft, contoured, youthful appearance, and that “tired” look is gone!

This photo shows where fat - a sign of youth - is lost and replaced with a Voluma lift Treatment.

Benefits of Voluma Lift over a traditional facelift:

  • Voluma lift does not create that gaunt/pulled look like a traditional facelift

  • Voluma lift does not require downtime like a traditional facelift

  • Voluma lift does not require general anesthesia like a traditional facelift

  • Voluma lift uses no incisions - leaves no scars like a traditional facelift

  • Voluma lift results are immediate - without surgery

  • Voluma lift contours & restores a youthful appearance - naturally, beautifully


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