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Are You a Candidate for Sculptra?

     The Sculptra injection has been used throughout Europe since 1999 to improve the appearance of aging skin folds, indented chin surfaces, hollowed cheeks, and sunken eyes.

     The Sculptra filler provides up to 80 percent improvement in the treated areas. It produces results that are fully evident in three to six treatment sessions and lasts up to two years.


The Sculptra Procedure
      The Sculptra procedure is performed in Dr. Hart's office, typically for patients aged 35 to 60. It is most often performed with the use of a topical numbing cream and possibly a local anesthetic. Patients may experience minimal discomfort from the needle injection. The procedure can take 15 to 30 minutes. Patients return home within minutes after the procedure.

      Sculptra is a synthetic Poly-L-lactic acid material. The material has been commonly used in dissolvable stitches and soft tissue implants. A natural form of Poly-L-lactic acid is produced in our muscles during exercise. The material works to gradually produce increasing thickness of the skin. The material is biocompatible and can be dissolved by the body.

      Results gradually become evident over the course of a few weeks. Since Sculptra's results are temporary
(up to two years), treatments have to be repeated in future years to maintain the benefit.


Recovery after Sculptra

      Normal activities can be resumed immediately; however, patients are advised to stay out of the sun. Touchup treatments may be required up to six times every six weeks to achieve an optimal result. If you experience unmanageable pain or symptoms that are progressive or abnormal, report it to Dr.Hart immediately.


Possible Complications and Risks of Sculptra

      The most common side effects of Sculptra include tenderness, redness, and discomfort at the injection points, which can last up to two weeks. Dr. Hart will explain the possible complications and the remedies during your initial consultation.


Alternative and Additional Treatments

      There may be alternative treatment options, depending on your condition. Other minimally invasive procedures include Collagen, Restylane, Radiesse, and Fat Fillers. For severe signs of aging, surgical procedures may be more appropriate, such as a facelift. Your doctor may recommend additional treatments in conjunction with Sculptra, such as chemical peel, laser skin resurfacing or microdermabrasion.




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