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Mini Facelift

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Are you a candidate for a mini Rhytidoplasty?

      The key to successful mini and micro procedures in plastic surgery is in the treatment plan, which is a coordinated combination of procedures to achieve optimal results. A combination of less invasive procedures may serve well for a patient with slight aging imperfections.

      Although results are temporary, such procedures may be all that is necessary to satisfy a patient for five or more years. Likewise, patients who have already had plastic surgery procedures may want touchups, which may be considered mini or micro, in the form of smaller secondary surgeries throughout their lifetime..



The Mini Facelift

      The treatment plan for a mini-facelift patient often includes regular facial-filler treatments to add volume to hollowed facial areas or fill in deep wrinkles. Alternatively, a candidate who consults with Dr.Hart might be surprised to learn that they don't need a mini-facelift after all. Facial fillers may be enough in some cases.

      For more extensive cases, patients with deeper wrinkles may not be satisfied with a mini-facelift. They may need a full facelift or neck-lift (or both) to achieve desired results.


      Thermage treatment (also known as radiothermoplasty) may also be part of a mini or micro treatment plan. Thermage is a nonsurgical skin-tightening treatment for the face. It uses radio frequency energy to heat deeper layers of skin, which tightens the skin. The technology used in a Thermage procedure may replace what a brow-lift candidate may think they need.

      The Thermage procedure is considered less invasive than a brow-lift and may work best for patients who require 1-2 millimeters of tightening compared with 1 or more centimeters offered in a brow-lift. Thermage lasts about two years, longer than injectables and fillers but not as long as a facelift. Aging plays a role in the long-term effects of Thermage. [Read more details on Thermage.]


The Micro Neck-lift

      Candidates who fear the implications of a neck-lift for their "turkey waddle" appearance may be surprised to learn that Dr. Hart can perform a direct excision of excessive neck muscle or skin through a small incision under the chin and at the back of the neck, which may be considered a micro procedure.


The Micro-Lipo Procedure

      Liposuction candidates may be surprised to learn that the micro-lipo technique used by Dr. Hart today offers a smaller incision and less recovery time and pain. Micro-lipo is also known as tumescent liposuction.




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